What We're Looking For:

Literary short fiction

Creative non-fiction (CNF)

Flash fiction/microfiction

Novels/novellas/long-form writing (published in chapters)



Humor/satire pieces

Horror/science fiction

Blog posts/articles (social commentary, astrology, mental health to name a few)





Submission Guidelines:

  •  Every blog submission is 100% free.

  •  There is no word limit on submissions. Literally none. If you have long-form writing you’d like to submit and you’re cool with publishing it in chapters or playing with formatting, send it over. Keep in mind, however, that that may take some time to read and edit.

  •  There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit to us simultaneously. Just be aware that the more you send, the longer it may take to read through and edit.

  •  All submissions must be 100% original, previously unpublished, and submitted by the author. (No fan fiction or pieces involving the work of other writers, pretty please and thank you).

  •  The copyright for your work belongs to you, period. You will grant us permission to publish and promote the piece on your behalf, and beyond that, what you do with it is yours. Put it on your socials, on your website, in the local newspaper, stick it on your fridge, whatever you want to do with it. Our goal is to see you succeed, and we want to aid in that any way we can.

  •  We will not tolerate any harmful or hateful speech. 

How it Works:

  • You copy and paste the form below into an email.

  •  You attach your work in pretty much whatever format feels good to you.

  •  You send it off to

  • We get back to you (hello!), and if we dig it, we’ll let you know. If we don’t, we’ll let you know that too, but don’t stress about it. We’re nice!

  • If your work is accepted, we will not only publish it on our blog, but we will promote it on our social media (tagged if you like), and we’ll put your name on our blog’s contributor list. Right there. In print. Voila!

  • We will not harvest, sell, or use your contact information for anything other than the discussion/promotion of your piece. No sketchy stuff. We have a strict no-sketch rule around here.

  • Submission form:

The name you'd like us to call you:
The name you'd like to be published under:
Your Twitter and/or Instagram handles (optional, only needed for promoting your piece):
The name of your piece:
The genre of your piece:
The word count of your piece:
A blurb describing your piece and/or an author blurb (optional):
Is this piece completely original and submitted by the author?:
Has this piece previously been published?:
Anything else you'd like us to know?:

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