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Welcome to Roi Fainéant Press! It's nice to meet you.

We are a small-but-mighty literary press starting out in the digital sphere (for now).


We strive to bolster and empower the next wave of brilliant writers and wordsmiths regardless of background. We eliminate barriers commonly found in traditional publication, encouraging creative minds to give their voice a home with us. We operate believing that diversity, inclusion, and kindness are paramount: bring us your best, and let us amplify it. Ultimately, we share a love of the written word, and the word always speaks for itself.

Who We Are:


Tiffany M Storrs

Editor in chief. Screaming for a limerick. Always up for a stomp-clap. Inherently popular in all of her Moleskine journals. Dreamed this up the first time at 6, has maybe improved on it since then. Writer, creator, lover of cookies. Rochester accent. Usually doing a bit. Often music on. Guided by intuition. In love with sharpness of tongue.

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Kellie Scott-Reed

Assistant editor in chief: An enthusiast who can’t be bothered with the negative things to say. The tail to many comets,  the starfish savior, the harbinger of partially good news. Brushes with fame but not famous. A songwriter, a  poet, a short-story-at-work-when-I-should-be-doing-my-job-writer; I seek to live as many” truths” as one skin suit can without tearing at the seams. Justice is my hobby.


Marianne Baretsky Peterson

Lead editor. BA in English from the University of Buffalo. Cynical optimist. Traditional Capricorn. Easily distracted by shiny things, including personalities. Seeking coffee, peace, and solitude; is that too much to ask? Loves a good pun, especially if it's intended. Put that in your blurb and smoke it.

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