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Want to see our past Book Club meetings? Check us out on YouTube!

Bonjour, and welcome to RF Book Club!

Let me ask you something: do you like books? Do you like talking about books? More importantly, have you ever wanted to, ya know, hang out with us? Oui? No? Well, you're going to do all of those things, and then you're going to want to do those things.

RF Book Club is comprised of video sessions wherein we get together, we drink some wine, we talk about a good book, and are generally our hilarious selves. These come out about once a month-ish (Covid, schedules, hellfire, brimstone, and existential dread permitting) starting mid-January 2022! They'll be posted on our YouTube channel in the event that you want to binge (we are bingeable, no doubt). Pro tip: sometimes we upload the videos the night before they're expected, so if you follow us on the Tube of You, you may get access before those who do not.


BUT! We want your help! While we picked a traditional pub book for our first meeting (I needed one that I had hanging around my house to start with), we want to highlight indie press books going forward. Big names don't need our goofy brand of marketing, and they don't care anyway. Now, this isn't a critique by any means, so don't be scared - this is a fun way to get the word out about writers people haven't heard of but need to. There's no teardown. This ain't Harvard. So! Do you have a little chapbook out in the world? Do you know of a novel or poetry collection we shouldn't be living without? Use the submission form below, send it over to with "book club" in the subject line, and if we pick your rec, we'll shout you out in our next video, on the socials, blah blah blah. You get it. Now get to it. 

(caps lock = authority)

Submission form:

*Your name (or the name you'd like to be called):

*Your Twitter and/or Instagram handle (optional, for your shout-out):

*The name of the book you're recommending:

*The author of the book you're recommending:

*A link to where we can snag one:

*Is this your book/did you edit or publish this book?:

*Anything else you're dying for us to know?:

C'mon, let us talk you up!

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