"three blocks", "the first day of june (2022)", & "bones" by Morgan St Laurent

three blocks

I said I wanted to

get away

So you drove me

Right into

The lake

You said we could go camping

But we

never did

So I wrote 100 love poems

And played in the dirt

And flirted with the current

How many times will we

walk this circle

How many times will I walk

The three blocks

to your apartment

the first day of june (2022)

An anxious achiness in my arms

A longing in my teeth

My fingers graze my scalp

Trying to set the feeling loose

I got home

From my grandmother’s funeral

A package

Waiting for me in my apartment building’s stairwell

My new ring

Crafted by

My ex lover’s ex lover

The irony of it makes me smirk

My secret

Returning to Chicago

Feels very unsophisticated today

Staring at the green and orange

7 eleven sign

Sometimes I romanticize these things

But today, I take it at face value

The old woman in the Thai restaurant smiles at me

It’s getting hard to imagine a life

Where I am

Living for anyone other than myself


playing you over and over in my head

soaking up your voice notes like the

sun this summer

I want to tell you everything

we met and switched places

this sad song

that sad song

make me a song out of this

thick hot air

everybody’s looking for it


they can’t find it because

we have it now

am I you or are you me?

I want to touch all your muscles

and all your bones

Morgan St Laurent is an American / Canadian poet and model. Her work focuses on the documentation of mundane life & human emotions. She currently lives in Chicago.