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"Table for Three" by J. S. O'Keefe

Voice, Work, Life and Society are sitting at a table in a restaurant.

Voice: “Since I am the most educated, richest, most successful and by far the smartest, I do all the thinking, talking and decision making. And now I'm going to tell you what to order because I know what’s best for you.”

Work: “I make all things, harvest the crops, fight the wars, protect good people from the bad guys, and still I have to take it lying down as they blame me for being backward, a heavy drinker, lazy and a polluter, even violent by refined people’s standards.”

Life: “Prophets, philosophers and scientists have analyzed me to no end, poets have been writing verses about me, but nothing can change the fact that I am hopelessly short.

Society: I do not exist and probably never existed.

J. S. O’Keefe is a scientist, trilingual translator and writer. His short stories and poems have been published in AntipodeanSF, Friday Flash Fiction, Everyday Fiction, Roi Faineant, 101 Words, Spillwords, ScribesMICRO, Medium, 50WS, WENSUM, Paragraph Planet, Spirit Fire Review, Satire, MMM, 6S, etc. 


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