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"let's go down in flames" by Charlotte Amelia Poe

baby boy i love the way you fight your demons

it really gives me something to sink my teeth into

they say don't bite the hand that feeds

but jesus christ you're delicious when you're crying

come home covered in blood and shaking and i'm all yours for the taking

you smell like death and i'm all over that

you drop the bat and the thud as it hits the ground is a death knell

is it fucked up the way i want you to tear me apart

or i could tear you apart -

maybe we could take turns, i'm easy

i'm always easy for you

in the distance there's a fox shrieking, and boy i can relate

there's a harshness to its call that can only be feral

and that's either you or me or both of us and maybe we're going to collide in the most awful way and it's all going to end in tears but god i always loved a good firefight

let's go down in flames baby boy

i'm all for oblivion these days.

Charlotte Amelia Poe (they/them) is an autistic nonbinary author from England. Their first book, How To Be Autistic, was published in 2019. Their debut novel, The Language Of Dead Flowers, was published in September 2022.

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