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"Eternal bless" & "Judicial body" by Luai Hassan

Eternal bless

Your heart is like a big bank’s vault

full of eternal fine wine

be thankful for whoever cracked it open

Now, you can pour from it to everyone.

Judicial body

A thought comes and another goes

one shares my truth

one lies under oath

others are mere hearsay

my mind claims to be the judge

“is there an eye witness in this courtroom?

do we have a verdict?”

i ask

my mind doesn’t know

it has no clue

I like to call my body to the stand

tell us what you know

with a subtle pause and a steady tone

the body says

this music from across the street

moves cells in my heart

brings memories that itch my lungs

these feelings tell a story full of contrasts

with a sad ending a happy ending open ended

so i sit and listen to all endings

the relief the chills

the tightness in my chest

the flow the ease in walking this way

this body gets the final say.

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